I’m Poppy Montgomery, and I’m a freelance blogger. I specialize in writing blog posts for small-business owners in and around DeLand, Florida.

I’ve been a marketing and communications professional for more than 20 years. I started my career as a newspaper reporter, and then moved into magazine editing, book publishing, and corporate communications.

Professional Skills

I’ve been writing, editing, and designing for a long time. Here’s where I shine.

  • Writing. Words are the foundation of everything else I do.  I’ve written website content, news articles, feature stories, blog posts, social media updates, how-to books and ebooks, and technical manuals.
  • Ghostwriting. I can help you put your thoughts into words.
  • Rewriting. I can transform your rough drafts, too. You don’t need to worry about sentence structure, or spelling, or grammar. Just make a bullet list of your most important points.
  • Editing. Professionally published work goes through at least three levels of editing:
    1. Developmental editing, with specific goals and target audiences in mind.
    2. Copy editing for style, substance, clarity, and organization.
    3. Proofreading for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Website development. I love web design almost as much as I love writing. I can help you build a new site or breathe new life into an old one. I used to build websites with HTML. Now I use WordPress.
  • Branding. Your overall appearance should reflect your mission and your goals. I’ll help make sure your branding speaks for itself.
  • Search engine optimization. I focus on organic SEO, designed for real people — and real results on Google. There are no shortcuts.
  • Graphic design. No one wants to read blocks of plain text. I focus on typography that delights the eye, headings that guide the reader, paragraphs that flow, and images that add context and depth.
  • Digital photography. I use Canon cameras and lenses. I’m also fond of my Lensbaby lenses for portraits and scenic photography.
  • Image acquisition. When you need additional artwork, I can handle image searches, copyright clearances, and licensing.
  • Social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are quick and easy ways to engage with your customers in real time. They’re also a great way to direct them to even better content on your website.
  • Content management. Over time, I can help you establish your site as a repository for comprehensive, detailed information about your products, services, business, and industry, with a network of links and cross-references.
  • Desktop publishing. I can turn your online content into print publications, too. I like designing brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and books.

Technical Skills

I’m a quick study, and I’m enthusiastic about new technology. I’ve tried and tested more software programs than I can list. Over time, I’ve developed a few favorites, and I’ve become an expert in their use. Here are the ones I like best.

  • Microsoft Word for writing and print publications.
  • WordPress for website development and design.
  • Canva for online graphics and marketing materials.
  • Createspace for ebooks and print publications, as well as distribution on Amazon.com.

Contact Me

I’m based in DeLand, Florida. If you’d like to talk, let’s meet for coffee.

Call or text me at (386) 753-7733, or email poppy@mainstreetblogs.com. You can also reach me with this contact form.