Postcards from the Past

Brill’s Novelty Shop

If you sold postcards for a living, wouldn’t you include a postcard of your business? F. G. Brill did. Today one of those postcards is listed on eBay.

Someone named Robert sent the postcard to a friend in 1906, with a simple note of greeting.

This is a nice man standing in front of this store. His name is F. G. Brill.

Brill’s shop was at 113 N. Woodland in DeLand. According to Images of America: Deland:

Constructed in 1887, this was the site of Brill’s Novelty Shop. It was the forerunner of Five and Dime stores. Mr. T. Brill would stand outside of his shop and greet customers who stopped to stare at the postcards hanging in his shop window. Built in the masonry vernacular style, the structure is one story in height and is designed as a retail storefront.

While Mr. Brill is long gone, you can still buy gifts and novelties in his old shop. Today it’s home to Pretty Little Things.

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