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The Secret Language of Color

Why does Coca-Cola use so much red? Why is the Facebook logo blue?

Psychologists know. Colors represent a rainbow of symbolic significance — and the company colors you’ve chosen for your business can be revealing.

  • Red, the color of wine or blood, symbolizes passion, love, and sex. Some shades of red also serve as a warning: like a stop sign or a siren light, redcan also represent danger, anger, and alarm.
  • Pink, a lighter shade of red, indicates passions that have cooled. Shades of pink and rose are soothing, calming, and symbolize acceptance, friendship, forgiveness, love, romance, peace, and harmony.
  • Orange, like a blazing fire or a sunset on a tropical island, symbolizes the flames of desire and burning passions. Orange typically represents vitality and enjoyment, vigor, physical health, enthusiasm, and enjoyment.
  • Yellow, like the sun, symbolizes energy, clear thinking, and consciousness. Yellow represents optimism, radiance, and brilliance. Yellow can sometimes symbolize cowardice and weakness.
  • Green is the color of nature, growth, healing, and fertility. It symbolizes creativity and prosperity. In the United States, green is the color of money and financial success. Green can also symbolize envy, jealousy, and greed.
  • Blue, like the sea and the sky, symbolizes depth and calm, a tranquil environment for meditation and reflection.
  • Indigo, like the midnight heavens, symbolizes cosmic mysteries. Lost in its inky depths, indigo inspires contemplation, wisdom, spiritual realization, and cosmic wisdom.
  • Violet, the traditional color of royalty, symbolizes leadership and divinity, as well as luxury, wealth, and sophistication.
  • Black, the color of night, is linked to darkness and sleep, when our consciousness fades and our unconscious thoughts and emotions take control of our dreams. Black is mysterious. It can even be elegant and authoritative. Black is also the color of mourning, depression, darkness, and anxiety, and it can symbolize the darker forces of nature, like upheaval and destruction.
  • White, like the clouds, symbolizes innocence, pure spirituality, intuition and psychic ability. It can also seem sterile, cold, clinical, and easily marred.
  • Gray, a mixture of black and white, is the color of shadows and shade, along with fog. It can symbolize depression and confusion, or simply a steady drizzle.
  • Brown, the color of bare earth, symbolizes the potential of fallow soil. It can represent grounding, stability, and practicality. Brown can also symbolize poverty and dirt.
  • Silver, the color of the moon, symbolizes reflection.

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