Postcards from the Past

Country Clubbing

Imagine golfing with these fine fellows back in the early 1940s. You’d need knickers and a tweed cap to fit in. If you could pull up in a Chevrolet sedan, so much the better.

I’m pretty sure that the flower pots and the flag were added to the card during post-production, but the country club was clearly an impressive setting.

Bob Curry visited the club, and then he sent a quick hello back to his pal John Archer Jr in Jefferson Valley, New York.

Having fine time. Oil business would be no good down here for its too hot!

The card was postmarked in DeLand on December 18, 1941. Oddly enough, that was less than two weeks after Pearl Harbor. The upside-down Lady Liberty postage stamp, trumpeting industry and agriculture for defense, is the only sign of distress.

The post card’s caption reads:

De Land is 110 miles south of Jacksonville, 19 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and 3 1/2 miles east of the historic St. Johns River, in a high, rolling, and fertile section of stately pine forests, interspersed with orange groves. Being located in the peninsular part of Florida, it has a climate tempered by the trade winds and the Gulf Stream, making it ideal the year round.

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