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Create an Editorial Calendar

How to plan your posts a year ahead

Business blogging is easier when you have a long-term plan. Create an editorial calendar, and you might find that your plan practically writes itself.

First, decide how often you’d like to blog. If you’re a small-business owner, I recommend creating new content once every week or two. Choose every Monday, or every other Wednesday, or any day you like. Just pick a regular publishing date that suits the rest of your schedule.

Open your favorite calendar, online or in print, and start penciling in your ideas.

  • Look for obvious lead-ins, and plan posts that relate to major holidays, big sales, or special events.
  • Create a roster of rotating subjects you’d like to cover. You might want to feature one new product a month, for example, or profile your best employees.
  • Plan recurring posts with the same theme, like problems and solutions or tips and hints.
  • Choose one day a month to highlight trends in your market.
  • Leave room to react to news. You might want to reserve a few slots for current events and analysis.

Focus on the general, not the specific. Stay flexible, and you’ll discover that an editorial calendar gives you a framework for organizing your thoughts — and your blog.

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