Minding My Own Business

Licenses and Registration

I stopped by DeLand’s city hall today for a business license. As it turns out, I didn’t have all the documentation I needed. Who does, on their first try? LegalZoom’s checklists can only take you so far.

Even so, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by the people at city hall. There were no lines at the counter — and more importantly, there were no scowling faces, or “tsks,” or sighs of disapproval. The clerks were nice! I usually steel myself before I march off to do battle with bureaucracy. In this case, there was no bureaucracy to speak of.

Except, of course, for the paperwork. For my simple blogging business, I need:

  • A federal Employer Identification Number
  • Corporate paperwork from the state of Florida
  • A Florida state tax registration
  • A Volusia County business license
  • and a city business license

Piece by piece it comes together, but I’d rather write than manage licenses and registrations.

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