Henry DeLand

Wonder-Eyes and What For

Today we take baking powder for granted, but back in the 1800’s, it was a revolutionary invention that made a fortune for entrepreneurs like Henry DeLand — the founder of our Florida town.

Before he became president of the company — which was founded by his brother — DeLand was in charge of marketing. Here’s one of the promotions he devised — a reprint of a children’s book, featuring subtle ads for baking powder on every page.

You are invited to try a package of H. A. & L. J. DeLand & Co.’s Chemical Baking Powder.

It is made from grape cream tartar and pure bi-carb. soda, and is absolutely PURE. We put it up only in pound, half-pound and quarter pound cans, and we confidently claim that it has no superior in the market. To assist in its early introduction to the consumer, we have ordered and expensive re-print of a Holiday Book for Children, beautifully illustrated, relating the wonderful adventures of two little girls named “Wonder Eyes and What Fort.” It is a perfect gem of art, and cannot fail to give the children hours of happiness. We will take great pleasure in mailing a copy of this book to anyone who buys a pound of our Chemical Baking Powder for the first time.

A Kindle version of the book is available on Amazon.com.

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